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  • Venakki Distillery



The Venakki Distillery is a Portuguese Company, created in 2012, by a small international team and big dreams of producing superior quality spirits and world class whisky.

We started producing unaged spirits like our “white whisky”, or moonshine as we like to call it, under our rebel label Moonshine Limited. Soon after we ventured into producing cask matured spirits - like our Moonshine Single Cask with 93 points in the Whisky Bible – and our flagship Venakki Whisky Woodwork, the first ever Portuguese Single Malt Whisky, with the first bottling only released in 2020 as a single cask, cask strength awarded with the Liquid Gold Award by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

In 2018 we launched our vodka, and gin, formulated especially for bartenders and mixology, under the Venakki Mixology Collection, which is our contribution to the cocktail revival, by delivering superior quality spirits and becoming more specialized and adapting to the demands of a cosmopolitan and sophisticated clientele.

In 2024, we have again received a staggering 96 points in the same publication for another expression under the Woodwork seal.

We have since continued unhurried exploring the characteristics of our terroir and privileged access to Rare Portuguese Casks to produce exciting spirits and our flagship Single Malt Whisky under our label Venakki Whisky Woodwork and the Vintage Releases under our label Venakki Whisky The Portuguese.

Like all Venakki bottlings, we bottle our whisky in very small quantities, when it’s ready and never by age or any other constraints.

Lisa H


Distillery Manager

With a background in accounting and a degree in hotel management, Lisa combines her entrepreneurial side with a refined palate, a passion for life, cooking and eating well, experimentation, spirits, and mixology.

Besides distillery manager, you can find Lisa in our bars as the head mixologist.

Jay Venakki


Master Artisan

Having traveled and lived in different countries on different continents, Jay became increasingly fascinated by regional specialties, their stories, and their uniqueness, and by sharing the juice of the earth and the hands that gave it care and hard work, in his pursuit for one single standard: excellence.

The philosophy behind what we do

As Independent Distillers since 2012 we can make contemporary spirits while looking back to a time when things were simply done in the best possible way, the right way. Breaking ground through curiosity, exploration, and ingenuity, VENAKKI WHISKY is the Pioneer of Portuguese Whisky, and the result of unreasonable perseverance, a few unusual and even rather controversial experiments, all with Art & Heart infused throughout the process.

As whisky makers based on an uncommon whisky provenance, we rely heavily on our terroir and long tradition of making and aging world-renounced wines and of being the birthplace of some of the world’s most sought-after casks for maturing whisky.

The formula is deceivingly simple; the best whisky is distilled by passionate and good people with uncompromising work ethics, our own estate underground source of Limestone Pure Water, the best lots of barley small batch distilled and sculpted by time, in very rare casks with an exclusive range of wood, toasts and seasoned by the finest of wines that invite us to explore each cask’s unique characteristics, in a perfect Terroir for whisky maturation.

Distillery Equipment
Distillery Equipment

Why are we quite unique

We provide a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a way of being. The Venakki label represents elegance and sophistication with a flair of audacity. It's about indulging in the best life has to offer, while keeping in touch with the natural world around us.


We believe that the best things in life are made with time and care, respecting traditions, skills, and the know-how carried from generation to generation. That's why we source the best ingredients, use ancient techniques, and contemporary technology, ethical management, and best practices to create products that are unparalleled in taste and quality.


If you appreciate the finer things in life, value quality, and authenticity, and want to experience the finest things, come join us. Let us take you on a journey of culture, taste, and passion, and show you what it truly means to live a life of excellence.

Why should you care

The Venakki label is an exclusive and timeless luxury brand that stands apart in the spirits industry while daring to be different.

This label is the brainchild of its founder and still master artisan, Jay Venakki that gifts patrons a consistent and uncompromising level of attention to detail, craftsmanship, and superior quality.

Awarded with the prestigious Liquid Gold Award and described by the Whiskey Bible 2021 as “...whiskies are in my view the elite; the finest you can currently find in whisky shelves of the world. Rare and precious, they are Liquid Gold”.

(Jim Murray, Whisky Bible)

Distillery Equipment

Home of the Vanakki Distillery